Encounters With Jesus (1)

Scripture records several encounters with Jesus. A closer look at some of these helps to reveal the true heart of God...and where we are in our relationship to him.    #82101

1. The Wedding At Cana    12:19

2. The Rich Young Man     12:03

3. The Woman at the Well    12:45

4. The Lame Man at the Pool    12:00

5. "My Father Is Working"    12:08

  The Witness of Peter (2)

A brief look at five vignettes from the life of Peter. Relish the encouragement we can take as Jesus dealt with Peter in love.    #82102

  6. Walking On Water    12:40

  7. "Who Do You Say That I Am?"     12:49

  8. The Transfiguration    12:40

  9. Jesus Washes Peter's Feet    12:59

10. "I Will Never Fall Away"    12:40

  The Faith That Works (4)

The Gospel of Mark, Chapter 4 offers us principles to help discover how we can build/develop a faith that enables us to see the miracles we read about in the New Testament.     #82104

16. Have You No Faith?    10:41

17. Read It And Heed It    12:30

18. Name It And Claim It    10:38

19. Use It Or Lose It    12:35

20. Trust God For The Increase    12:37

  Freedom Under Authority (5)

God's will for us is that we discover freedom under authority. Learning to cope with authority can be challenging. Yet for nearly all of us, these authority relationships are inescapable. Learn how to obtain peace through the application of Biblical principles.    #82111

21. Parent/Child    12:32

22. Husband/Wife     12:11

23. State/Citizen    11:40

24. Employer/Employee    12:20

25. Elder/Younger    12:59

  Success In Christian Marriage (6)

God's desire is that our marriages become beacons to a broken and fallen world that has little understanding of what this union is all about. Come and listen to the Inside Story.

26. The Image of God    11:41

27. Choose To Choose    11:59

28. How Love Behaves    11:28

29. Mutual Submission    12:12

30. A Covenant Of Three    12:01

  The Basics of Child Rearing (7)

The Basics of Child Rearing.    #82113

31. That Our Children Might Be Blessed    12:46

32. Consistency Is Key     12:16

33. Training And Discipline    12:37

34. Affirming Your Children    12:28

35. Tough Love    12:21

  In All Things Give Thanks (8)

The Inside Story about Thankfulness.    #82114

36. Thanklessness Is The Heart of Sin    13:01

37. Thankfulness: The Secret to Victory     12:41

38. Choose To Thank God    13:15

39. Thankfulness When We Are Without    12:28

40. Abraham's Trust In God    12:34

  Not Without A Witness (9)

Scripture tells us that God has not left himself without a witness. Everyone knows enough about God,to begin to respond to him.     #82121

41. He Has Made Himself Known    11:05

42. Follow The Light     12:32

43. The Unique Example Of Jesus    12:28

44. The King's Invisible Ring    12:36

45. Is It Your Will To Do God's Will?    13:00

  Dealing With Doubt (10)

Many of us have had periods of real doubt in relationship to our faith. In fact, we might be the exception if we haven't at some point, struggled with this issue. What can we do about it? Examining how Jesus dealt with doubt, we can find great encouragement and perhaps be a help to others in their struggle.    #82122

46. Jesus Welcomes Honest Doubt    12:35

47. Do You Really Want To Know The Truth?      12:12

48. Are You Willing?    12:19

49. Sin Is Unbelief    12:28

50. True Teachers Bring God's Word    12:21

  Getting Ready For Christmas (11)

If Jesus were born today, into contemporary society, the implications would be profound. Would you be ready for Jesus coming? Or would you have some cleaning up to do?     #82123

51. How A Holy God Deals With Sinners?    12:06

52. A Gift Must Be Received      11:55

53. A Glimpse Into The Throne Room    12:47

54. Zechariah's Encounter    12:12

55. The Witness Of John The Baptist    11:45

  The King Who Came to Visit (12)

A few, short vignettes of special people that surround the Christmas Story.     #8251

56. Mary, A Model for us All    11:48

57. Joseph, A Man of Obedience      11:56

58. You Have An Inheritance     10:31

59. Simeon & Anna    12:21

60. A Christmas Story    9:58

  All Things New (13)

Jesus came to make all things new.    #8252

61. A New Humanity    12:32

62. The Good Shepherd      12:32

63. The Gifts Of The Wise Men    11:06

64. The Great Sculptor's Shop    8:29

65. Look in the Mirror; What Do You See?    10:18

  Who Is The Holy Spirit? (14)

A study into the work, the person and the ministry of God's Holy Spirit.    #8301

66. The Promise Of A New Covenant    12:28

67. The Early and Latter Rains      12:16

68. This Is The Age Of The Spirit    12:03

69. If Anyone Thirsts...    12:16

70. He Comes to Bring Glory to Jesus    12:18

  The Fruit and the Gifts (15)

The principal ministry of God's Holy Spirit is to bring glory to Jesus. Producing fruit in the life of the believer is a vital component. In addition, God's Holy Spirit distributes different gifts to different individuals to meet various needs.    #8302

71. All the Fruit for All the Christians    12:54

72. Engage Your Will, Fully      12:24

73. The Gifts of God's Spirit    12:33

74. Different Gifts for Different Needs    12:23

75. That Others Might Be Blessed    12:14

  Doers of the Word - James (40)

The Book of James is perhaps one of the most misunderstood books of the Bible. Who is James and what is his message for us all? In a phrase we could call this book "Practical Christianity".    #8327

76. Intro. to the book of James    12:22

77. Is It Faith or Works?      12:05

78. A New Creature In Christ    12:19

79. The Proof Of the Pudding    10:09

80. Working Out One's Faith in Action    12:32

  Doers of the Word - Part II (41)

Continuation of a series of meditations on the Book of James. In a phrase we could call this book "Practical Christianity".    #8328

81. Show No Partiality    12:14

82. A Counterfeit Faith      12:22

83. Two Kinds of Wisdom    12:43

84. Taming The Tongue    12:35

85. Cultivating Humility    12:53

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