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This project will make the teachings of Dr. John W. Howe, as distributed through the Truro Tape Ministry and Cathedral Tapes, available to anyone with a smartphone and internet access. Lectures may be streamed, or downloaded to personal devices for offline listening. Recent expansion of scope now includes recorded messaged delivered at Lake of the Woods Church, where Dr. Howes currently serves as Senior Pastor. The project is ongoing with new files being added weekly. The process of digitizing older material will continue until all available resources are online.

As complete as our library appears, it is not 100%. There are known, and possible unknown gaps in the older material. Submissions therefore, are greatly encouraged as our goal is to make this collection of lectures as complete as possible.

Lectures Currently Online

Lectures We Know We Still Need

How You Can Help...

There may exist several recordings of Dr. John Howe that are not included in this collection. If you have access to such material, please consider loaning it to us that we might make this collection more complete.

Our initial focus has been on Dr. Howe's TEACHING Series -- most of which is now online.

In 1982 John Howe began delivering daily radio program entitled "The Inside Story". This ministry was broadcast by WABS (780 am) and was available throughout the Washington DC Metro Area. Each day, concise, 12-minutes talks delivered a message adhering to a weekly theme. We have little knowledge of how many programs were recorded, but would like to obtain and post as many as possible. To date, we only have the first 15 weeks or so (75 broadcasts). Should you have access to additional recordings of "The Inside Story", we would be most interested in adding these to our collection as well.

Locating tape recordings of messages delivered by Dr. Howe over four decades ago is challenging. If you believe you have any resource not represented in this collection, please consider loaning it to us for a short time. We will pay for shipping and return your tape unharmed after making a digital copy. Search your archives or ask your friends.


    I remain sincerely thankful for all those who have contributed to make this collection as complete as it is. Noteworthy contributions of recordings were made by the following:
  • Mike Nicholson
  • Eldon & Louisa Rucker
  • Jack & Carole Maier
  • Tom & Blair Simmons
  • Cheryl & Bud Lewis
  • Ashlie Darley
  • Kevin Paxton
  • Peter Toeg
  • Bruce Latimer
  • Diane Hutchins
  • Karen Howe
  • Patty Bell
  • Paul A. Cajigas
        In addition, early in the process, several friends offered noteworthy encouragement and feedback. My Thanks to all.
  • David & Donna Blackistone
  • Wayne Thompson
  • Sparky Watson
  • Mike Rugless
        May these messages continue to be a blessing to all who have ears to hear!

        Inquiries may be directed to Tom Schach via e-mail. Thank You.

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