What's New in BibleBanquet.com

Next – Optimization of all audio files in "The Recent Years". Loading times and disk space savings of at least 100% are projected with optimization with no loss in audio quality. Each file must be edited individually. Integration with proposed BibleBanquet facebook page in planning.

December 2022 – Added a new section – "How To Get Started.../Where To Begin" that offers listening suggestions, etc. Added overlooked virtual cassettes. Revised text on home page – "From the Webmaster", "Listening Tips", "Sharing Your Favorite", "Resources Currently Online", "How You Can Help.." and "Acknowledgements". Posted a list of all sermons and teachings currently available as .pdf file. Minor swap-outs of audio files with improved versions.

October 2022 – The playback of all messages now utilize virtual cassettes. This method provides a unique URL (or link) for each message, thus enabling the sharing of specific messages via text or email quickly and easily. Virtual cassettes also allow scripture references to be included on each cassette as well as unique reference IDs. Use of virtual cassettes for playback also ensures that no more than a single message may be played at a time.

Spring 2022 – Sermons delivered by Dr. John W. Howe during The Early Years, while Rector of Truro Episcopal Church were added to the website.


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