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The Teacher

Dr. John W. Howe became the third Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida on January 1, 1990. Dr. Howe earned a BA in philosophy, University of Connecticut, and a Master of Divinity from Yale Divinity School. He was awarded Doctor of Divinity degrees from Berkeley at Yale, The University of the South, Sewanee, and from Nashotah House, and earned his PhD from the Graduate Theological Foundation with studies at Oxford University. Bishop Howe has conducted preaching and teaching missions throughout the United States and in some 17 countries around the world. His publications include three books, two monographs, and numerous magazine articles. In 2020 he was received as a bishop in good standing in the Anglican Church in North America. As 2021 drew to a close, he stepped down after six years of serving as Senior Pastor of The Lake Of The Woods Church in Locust Grove, Virginia. Currently, he is enjoying more time with his family and looks forward to dedicating more time to his personal writing projects.

The Teachings

These teachings were originally delivered by Bishop John W. Howe when he was rector of Truro Episcopal Church in Fairfax, Virginia from 1976 to 1989, and was Bishop in Central Florida from 1989 to 2012. More recently, the scope of this project has expanded to include his sermons and special teaching series delivered while serving as Senior Pastor of the Lake of the Woods Church in Locust Grove, Virginia (2015-2021). As additional recordings surface, we hope to digitize and add them to this collection of work. To learn how you can help, click here.

From the Webmaster...

It was through a special young lady I hardly knew –– She asked if I might be interested in listening to a set of cassettes comparing different religions. I did… and I was captivated. Such was my introduction to the teachings of John W. Howe. From that time on I began to collect more of his material. Though his tape ministry offered sermons as well, I focused on his teachings in that they provided useful handles on scriptural texts I was only vaguely familiar with at that time. As the unfolding saga of God’s work, his nature and his plan was revealed, I recognized the timeless truth of this teaching. Accordingly, I treasured the cassettes and kept them for decades. They would remain relevant always I knew, as God’s truth is unchanging.

Back then, his messages propelled my understanding and cemented my new-found faith. Dr. Howe’s commitment to teaching provided the exposure I needed to the whole counsel of God. By his design, I found myself systematically covering the entirety of scripture. And as I collected the tapes, I allowed them to change my life. However, as time marched on I recognized that the cassette tape format was becoming obsolete!

Our paths crossed again in 2016. It was actually the first time I met John in person. But out of that meeting and subsequent discussion, it wasn’t long before I proposed this project and requested his permission – to preserve his teachings, by digitizing my old cassettes and whatever others I could round up, and constructing a website to host them, making them available to all. After some experimentation and a brief feasibility study, a nameless proof-of-concept website was delivered in 2018 containing five lectures. Needless to say, the site has evolved since then, and the evolution continues.

You see, too often, we only get tidbits, here and there, and occasionally a very inspirational sermon. It’s really no wonder why most folks understanding of scripture is so shallow or disconnected. The Bible is so rich, but it can be very intimidating... in fact overwhelming, to the uninitiated. My introduction to this teaching was therefore a godsend when it came. And now the chance lie before me to make it available to all.

With the aid of like-minded others, offering their own collections, this website has been able to take form. While housing over 1,000 recordings covering nearly every book of the Bible, this collection is not exhaustive of Dr. Howe’s work. However, it arguably contains the bulk of his recorded spoken word. For anyone who desires to understand the truth of scripture more clearly and know God more deeply, BibleBanquet’s goal is to stand poised to help meet that need.

Certainly, since the advent of the internet there is no shortage of online Bible content or instruction. But here at BibleBanquet.com you’ll find the expressed wisdom, knowledge and teaching of a true man of God whose work spans several decades and breadth covers the entire witness of scripture… all in one place. Additionally, it come to us with excellent delivery.

Also, and especially appreciated, are several special lecture series covering specific topics, and difficult subjects targeted for seekers, skeptics, fence-sitters, etc. God welcomes honest doubt and he’d love to meet you or your loved ones right here.

Clearly, these audio files are no substitute for the personal study of scripture, or for fellowship with other believers, but they are as welcome an adjunct as any that I could imagine.

So with Dr. Howe’s blessing, I now find myself privileged to share these wonderful recordings. A feast awaits you at BibleBanquet. Dig in and allow them to change your life as well.

To me, this trove of teaching material is of inestimable worth, and it is my simple desire to share it. My hope is that you too will find blessing, grow in faith, and be drawn to trust God more completely. –– Tom S.


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