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Greetings and Welcome! It is often acknowledged that Holy Scripture contains much wisdom. Yet for many, the Bible remains a closed book. Why? Each will have his own answer. Often, stumbling blocks and preconceived notions exist that prevent us from offering fair consideration of this holy text. For many, the teachings on this site have helped to open the door to a new world view. This site has been created with the hope that in satisfying your curiosity, you will explore more fully, discover truth, and through the revelation of his Word, be drawn to trust God more completely.

The Teacher

Dr. John W. Howe became the third Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida on January 1, 1990. Dr. Howe earned a BA in philosophy, University of Connecticut, and a Master of Divinity from Yale Divinity School. He was awarded Doctor of Divinity degrees from Berkeley at Yale, The University of the South, Sewanee, and from Nashotah House, and earned his PhD from the Graduate Theological Foundation with studies at Oxford University. Bishop Howe has conducted preaching and teaching missions throughout the United States and in some 17 countries around the world. His publications include three books, two monographs, and numerous magazine articles. In 2020 he was received as a bishop in good standing in the Anglican Church in North America. As 2021 drew to a close, he stepped down after six years of serving as Senior Pastor of The Lake Of The Woods Church in Locust Grove, Virginia. Currently, he is enjoying more time with his family and looks forward to dedicating more time to his personal writing projects.

The Teachings

These teachings were originally delivered by Bishop John W. Howe when he was rector of Truro Episcopal Church in Fairfax, Virginia from 1976 to 1989, and in Central Florida from 1989 to 2012. We are adding to this collection with current teachings. Newly digitized lectures are posted online regularly, as the project unfolds.

Listening Tips for Streaming

Listening to streaming audio files on a mobile smartphone is fairly straightforward. Because BibleBanquet files are generally lengthy, actual data transfers will likely be significant. This is not a problem when operating within a good wi-fi zone. However, if the user is constrained to a cell phone connection, data consumption could easily tax the parameters of those with limited data plans, if they listen to much. When available, make sure you are operating with a good wi-fi connection enabled. To avoid issues with cell phone usage (including limited data plans, file buffering and spotty reception when traveling), some users prefer to download select files direct to their device before a listening session.

Recent upgrades to iPhone operating systems now allow direct downloading to your device without the use of a third-part app. Android operating systems have allowed this for some time. In most cases, the download process begins with a “long press” or “touch and hold” of a link to the targeted file. Mobile operating systems typically respond with a contextual menu, prompting next steps of the user (typically, the desired location for the file to be downloaded).

In either case, not unlike a desktop computer, users must be knowledgeable of basic file structure and navigation techniques. In other words, if you plan to retrieve a file, you have to pay close attention to where you save it. Even better, plan to put downloaded files in a known location so that you can retrieve them easily at a later time.

Plan to invest a bit of time to learn the particulars about your device. The more you know, the more powerful it will become for you. Instruction on specific steps for your device is beyond the scope of this “Help” file. Mobile devices vary greatly as do the capabilities of various operating systems.

Cautionary Tip When Downloading

When downloading a file from BibleBanquet.com for later use on your mobile device, pay particular attention to the location of the destination. Remember that saving a file in your Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or other cloud-based, or online storage solution is not the same as storing the file on your device. Once the file is stored on your device, you have NO NEED for an internet connection. With cloud-based storage solutions, you still need the internet. And if internet is available, you can simply stream.

USB Drives:

Also, you should be aware that BibleBanquet files may be downloaded using your computer and transferred to standard USB or flash drives. Most late model automobiles are able to play these files with ease through the car radio. Look for a USB port near the radio head unit or within the console of your car that is designed for data transfer. Do not use typical USB ports used for charging your phone. BibleBanquet files have been embedded with metadata that shows up on your radio screen. This information will tell you what you are listening to. Radio controls typically allow rudimentary navigation across files on USB drives: skip, next, etc. See your radio manual for details if needed.


Some users play downloaded BibleBanquet files from their smartphone through their automobile sound system via Bluetooth.


Biblebanquet.com has been designed to function well with most mobile devices and tablets. You may have to test your specific device. New equipment is being released constantly. No guarantees.

File Identification:

The best way to identify a particular lecture or file is by the identifying number on the virtual cassette. These are unique. Future plans for BibleBanquet.com include lookups by ID#, scripture reference, etc. If no number is present, the date will likely be of great help.

Sharing your favorite:

Locate a favorite you want to share. Pull it up on your screen. “Copy” and “paste” the URL into a text message and SEND. Try sending to yourself first to see what happens. Then send to a friend, family member, or yourself as a reminder of your next “lesson”.


We learn from one another. Ask around. Those that know will be glad to share!


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